How to unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites

Websites may be blocked at 3 degrees: Computer degree, Network degree or the ISP/Governmental degree.

Some DNS offerings, which include Open DNS, too provide options to dam sure kinds of websites for different users sharing the laptop. Then, there are some software aside from the integrated “Restricted Websites” in Internet Options that assist in blockading a website. We’ll now not be speaking approximately the way to block a website. Rather, we’ll focus on a way to get right of entry to a website that is limited to your pc by community admins and ISPs (Internet Service Provider).

Access Restricted Websites

Access Restricted Websites

The article is a ramification of our other article on what to do whilst a internet site does no longer open. Some of the pointers may be repeated in this text. So in case you locate which you are unable to open or get entry to some web sites, right here are a few matters you may need to attempt out.

Is The Website Down?

You won’t be able to get entry to a selected internet site because of a few outage. Check with these internet site video display units. The test – Is a internet site up or down. It will inform you if a weblog or internet site is working, on line, up, down right now or now not to everyone or all of us.

Access Website Blocked On a Computer

There are extraordinary options to get right of entry to a website, and that they depend on the mode used to dam the website. For example, Open DNS employs category system, and if you want to visit a class that your parents have selected to dam it for you, it’s going to provide a notification.


The first component to try is to feature or remove an “s” to the “http” previous the internet site URL. For instance, typing in https://www.Fb.Com might also open it for you due to the fact handiest “http://www.Facebook.Com” became blocked. Likewise, if it become “https” blocked, you may try “http” simplest to see if you may get entry to the website. The time period “https” represents a secure connection at the same time as the “http” is the unencrypted model of the website URL.

Internet Options – Restricted Websites & Content Advisor

If toggling among http and https does not help, check the mistake message you are becoming while looking to get admission to. If it says “Due to Restrictions On This Account”, it could be a Family Safety Software. Not plenty may be accomplished in this example except to try portable browsers that don’t want to be established and provide proxy as nicely. We’ll get to that during a while.

If there may be no account-associated message, probable the website online has been blocked the use of Internet Options. Go to Internet Options in Control Panel and at the Security tab, click on Restricted Websites within the Internet Security Zone, after which at the button categorized “Sites” (See image beneath). Check if the URL of the website you desire to access is listed there. If yes, pick out the URL and click Remove. You’ll be precipitated for affirmation. That finished, the internet site need to open with none troubles on any of your browsers.

There is yet another method to block positive types of websites from commencing – using the same Internet Options conversation field. Click at the Content tab. Based upon your model of Windows, you may see “Content Advisor” or “Family Safety” button. This choice is used to limit positive varieties of web sites from establishing for one-of-a-kind users. That means you may use the option to dam web sites at the user degree. If you know the password, you may click on the button and exchange settings. If now not, you’ll need to ask permissions out of your dad and mom or network admin. Here too, you may use a transportable browser to skip restrictions.

Using A Portable Proxy Browser To Access Restricted Websites

You can download a portable browser that doubles up as a proxy consisting of KProxy. This product has both portable and set up type versions. The first-rate element about the website browser is that it gives on-line surfing without truely typing the internet site cope with in the primary URL bar. Instead, you type the URL within the text box given inside the center of the KProxy internet site.

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