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Playing is simple. You can choose a flying animal and take it to the next level. Once you get a certain level, you will be able to evolve into a butterfly or bird. Then, you must stay airborne while avoiding other players to survive. To do this, you must collect food and avoid enemies. Here are some helpful tips to help you succeed in this game.

The goal of is to survive in the wild. You must kill all the other creatures on the field before you can evolve into the strongest creature. As you grow stronger and eat more creatures, your opponents will become more powerful and your goal will be to become the most powerful animal in the world. While the game is easy to learn, it is a lot of fun and requires a lot of patience and skill.

The game is played on a pc, mobile device, and browser. For PC, you will need an internet connection and a mobile device that is compatible with the game. If you're playing on a mobile device, you can play on a bigger screen. A good thing about this version is that it's more accessible to mobile users. You'll need a standard device and an internet connection to play this game on your mobile. play more game at

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