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Duck Life 6

The sequel to the popular training game series, Duck Life 6 is an exciting experience for all fans of the series. In this version, you take control of the champion of Duck Racing on Earth and must travel into space to reclaim his prize. This game is packed with exciting challenges and bigger leagues, and it lets you customize your ducks' appearances and train them for specializations. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is simple yet addictive.

The sixth installment of Duck Life series is set in space. In this game, you are an evil alien who has stolen the Golden Uncle's crown. It is up to you to help him retrieve the crown before he is taken over by the scum of the universe. In this game, the gameplay is similar to its predecessors. You'll control a duck in the space and try to avoid obstacles and other characters. The gameplay varies from one level to the next, so expect it to be quite challenging.

The gameplay is simple yet challenging. To advance in the game Duck Life 6, you'll have to collect coins that can be used to upgrade the ducks' costumes and unlock new members. This is an HTML5 game that lets you customize your duck to perform various actions. While playing, you'll have to spend a few hours getting to know your duck and its abilities. There are also many mini games that you'll love. You'll have tons of levels to explore and earn coins to upgrade your team.

Category: Arcade


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