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Colored Water & Pin

A free online puzzle game, Colored Water & Pin is a great way to spend your time. There are thirty levels in total, and the goal of the game is to remove pins and fill flasks with the appropriate color of water. Each level is a challenge and you must solve the same puzzles over again. You must use your mouse to click on each colored flask and pull out the corresponding pin.

The colorful water and pins in the game are held by a number of pins. To release the colored water, you must remove the pins and fill the flasks with the right color. There are many different types of flasks, and each one is unique. The more you remove, the more difficult the level is. The game is fun, but not easy. The game is not for everyone.

Colored Water & Pin is a free puzzle game. The object of the game is to remove pins by placing them into the appropriate flask. The colors will change according to the colors in the flasks. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. There are 30 levels in all. This is an addictive, time-consuming game, but it's worth checking out. With over 2,000 levels, it's sure to satisfy everyone.

Category: Arcade


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