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Helicopter Rescue Operation 2020

In our modern world, helicopters are used for emergency and rescue operations. To succeed in Helicopter Rescue Operation 2020, you must be a skilled pilot. Lift a helicopter into the air and fly it to the red dot indicating a person in need. Be sure to avoid obstacles, and do your best to save the life of the person. Read on for some tips. After all, a life saved is a life saved!

The game is made using HTML5 technology, and works well on all browsers and devices. Playing Helicopter Rescue Operation 2020 on an Android or iOS device makes it perfect for kids of all ages. It also requires no download, so you can play it anywhere you like. The game features a realistic helicopter environment that will make you feel like you are actually flying the helicopter. And because it is designed for children, it's suitable for everyone!

Category: Arcade


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