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Food Junction

Food Junction, a newly opened open-air designating of food and beverages in Surabaya, is a hub for local delicacies. With over 100 food offerings, Food Junction connects people to the best culinary experience in the city. The store also features an open-air fairground with a Ferris wheel and a Merry-go-round. You can enjoy a variety of carnival rides at this location.

In order to gather information on the impact of GFJ on local residents, researchers used sales data from the store. They categorized shoppers based on their proximity to GFJ and those who lived further away as "non-targets." This analysis compared the sales of GFJ members with those of non-members. However, the data collected were derived from member purchases over a 12-month period, and so are not comprehensive or representative of all food purchases.

The research team analyzed the results of the two studies. The first study focused on GFJ's sales data, which measured the amount of food consumed by households. The second study used grocery store sales data to determine the health of GFJ shoppers. The data were derived from a multilevel cross-sectional design that tracked food sales in individual zip codes. For both studies, the findings are significant. They highlight challenges associated with conducting research with community-based settings, as well as strategies to overcome them.

The findings suggest that GFJ's initiatives are achieving the desired results. The survey results suggest that GFJ is improving community health in communities. A cross-sectional study of a large-scale, population-based food and nutrition intervention (GFJ) was conducted in the same neighbourhoods as a traditional food court. The study design allowed the researchers to analyze whether the GFJ concept is successful or not. When applied, the survey results are promising.

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