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Music Garden

The music garden is a unique place in Richmond where parents can spend time with their children and nurture their character. It features piano key floor tiles and LED imaging screen, and is open to all children. The garden is ideal for families with young children. It is free and available to all. The goal is to encourage music appreciation of the world around us. The re-purposed materials used to build the music garden are also recycled, adding to its sustainability.

The Richmond Symphony Orchestra teamed up with the city's Parks and Recreation Department to design the Music Garden. The garden's instruments are made from steel and are nine feet tall. The musicians will play them while enjoying the beauty of the landscape. The musicians will perform at the garden every day between dawn and dusk. These outdoor musical instruments are part of the city's parks and recreation program. They are a great way for families to spend some quality time together, and are free for all visitors.

The Music Garden is located in the city's Beech Tree Path and is the perfect place to get some fresh air. It combines art and music, and includes seven-foot-tall chimes, a drum with African sounds, a xylophone, and the visually stunning Swirl chimes. The garden is open daily from dawn to dusk. It was designed by award-winning landscape architects Jack Hodges and George Stallings. play more game

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