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Money Movers 3

If you're a fan of adventure games, Money Movers 3 will be right up your alley. This game takes place in a prison and follows the story of two brothers who escape from their cell. You take on the role of a guard with a dog and must try to find the money that the criminals have stolen. You can use a stun gun to knock the bad guys out, but you need to use your wits to find the right strategy to save the day!

In Money Movers 3, you play as a security guard, tasked with tracking fugitives and recovering their stolen cash. You work together with your trusty Rottweiler to scare criminals and find hidden cash. Together, you'll become the ultimate crime fighting duo! You'll be able to play the game online, or on your Xbox 360, and see for yourself if it meets your expectations. Try it for free today!

The game is designed in a prison, where you must capture thieves. You can switch between guard and dog, and you must catch the thief who stole the money before he escapes. To help you with this, you can unlock levels by solving puzzles. And you can upgrade your guard's abilities to capture more thieves. There's no need to pay for upgrades - you can earn money simply by playing the game!

Category: Action


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