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Mini Putt 3

Mini Putt 3 is a fun multiplayer golf game for one to four players. This game is similar to its predecessors, but now features multiplayer mini golf, tons of new holes, and tons of prehistoric fun. You will have to use your mouse to aim and click to hit the ball. Mini Putt 3 is a fun and challenging game, perfect for beginners or experienced golfers alike! It is also completely free to play online at KBH Games.

In Mini Putt 3, you play golf against other players in a two-dimensional virtual world. Each course is designed to test your skills and strategy. You must line up your shots perfectly and try to make the ball fall in the hole with the least number of swings. To win, you must shoot the ball into the hole in the shortest number of attempts. Luckily, Mini Putt is free and easy to play, so why wait?

The objective of the game is to land the ball in the hole, and once you have landed the ball into the hole, you progress to the next level. This game is a great way to pass the time and get exercise, and it also makes a fun multiplayer experience. It also offers several different game modes. It also allows you to play as a single player or with up to four friends. While Mini Putt 3 is a great way to spend a few hours, it also allows you to compete against others on a computer.

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