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Bubble Shooter Pro

If you are a fan of bubble shooter games, you will love the free version of Bubble Shooter Pro unblocked. This game is a fun way to keep yourself entertained and is available on both mobile and PC. The goal is to make combinations of three or more bubbles. The game features leaderboards and achievements to keep you motivated and on task. It has great graphics and is very addictive! You will not want to miss out on this free version.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more levels. In these levels, you will have to eliminate all the other colors and clear the screen. This is not easy, so you will have to practice your shooting skills to master this new skill. The game is very simple, and you can play with your friends, or challenge yourself to a high score. In this game, you will earn a lot of points if you can reach the end of each level.

To earn extra points, you can unlock different modes. In the Arcade mode, you will need to shoot all the bubbles and get them to the bottom. You can also earn Whirl bubbles by shooting them with the same color as them. Once you collect five consecutive colors, new bubbles will appear on the screen. While this game is difficult to master, it is still very fun and addictive. It will be worth trying out if you are looking for a free game to pass some time.

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