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Vex 5

Vex 5 is a hardcore platform game with increasingly difficult levels. Players will slide under, jump over, and avoid traps in order to advance from level to level. There are achievements that reward perfect performances, as well as a hidden star system. Whether you're a pro or just a beginner, there are challenges and achievements for everyone. The best part of the game is that it can be played on any type of device, including mobile devices.

As the fifth game in the series, Vex 5 challenges players with deadly obstacles and vex 6. To complete each level, players must jump, run across vanishing blocks, and dodge sawblades. Those who have mastered the game's earlier levels will find it easier to advance in the game, as there are extra tough versions of each level. To get the best experience, you should be able to master the basics of this skill-based platform adventure.

The game has a self-contained level design. To complete a level, players must avoid traps and restart from the last checkpoint. As a result, the controls are smooth and precise. Each stage features numerous traps, which are a vital part of the game's gameplay. Players can also perform advanced moves to clear obstacles. However, if you're a new player, you may want to disable your ad blocker before playing the game.

Category: Action


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