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Clicker Heroes

The first version of Clicker Heroes was released on mobile devices and browsers in 2014, but soon saw a wide range of platform releases, including console versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows Phone 8. Despite being a relatively new title, Clicker Legends quickly became a fan favorite, and the game has enjoyed widespread success. Below are a few of the most noteworthy features of this fun and addictive game. This review highlights some of the best and worst features of the original, as well as the sequels.

Clicker Heroes is an incremental game, meaning that progress continues as long as you keep returning to it. While the gameplay loop is fairly simple, it can get repetitive if you're not careful. While it's a fun way to pass the time, be aware that excessive clicking may cause injuries to your index finger. To avoid this, use heroes to skip repetitive tasks. Currently, Clicker Hero is available on Windows 7 and later.

The first stage in Clicker Heroes involves battling a monster and clicking on it to deal damage. Once you've finished a monster, you'll be able to get a team of allies and upgrade them. Each character has a specific skill that can be upgraded, which allows you to make them stronger. Despite the variety of characters in the game, there is no wrong or right decision. The game's auto-saving feature means you can continue playing the game even when you're not playing.

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