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Cover Orange: Journey

Cover Orange: Journey In this new puzzle game, you must protect a lovely orange from a deadly rain cloud. You can customize the look and style of the orange and collect stars, but be sure not to touch it. This game is very easy to learn, so make sure you have a good setup and follow the instructions carefully. You can learn about Covers Orange: Journey in our review below. You may also be interested in this video game if you like puzzles.

In this game, you must stack objects and form shelters over oranges to escape the wrathful cloud. The gameplay is simple, but requires a lot of logic. You will need to research and solve puzzles to survive, which will help you reach your goal. The levels in this game will require you to think a lot to solve them. The graphics and sound effects are impressive, and the storyline is engaging.

Cover Orange: Journey features over 300 levels of puzzles, and the original team behind the game has added several new elements, such as spike-balls and trampolines to give players a challenge. There are even pirate oranges and knight oranges to find! Once you find them, you can customize them in the dressing room, and you can also share them with friends. Aside from the fun gameplay, Covers Orange: The Journey is an excellent title for puzzle fans and is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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