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Handless Millionaire

In the sequel to Handless Millionaire, players must again brave the guillotine to gain the ultimate prize: a million dollars. Using your hands as a guillotine, you must catch the dollar bill and pull it out of the other side before the edge falls. This is a thrilling game of focus, timing, and quick thinking, and the game can be played on your mobile phone as well.

Like the first Handless Millionaire, you must try to pick the bill out of a guillotine to get the money. Each level has 15 levels of increasing difficulty. It's optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The game uses HTML5 and Touch Control for a great user experience. Also, it's highly responsive, so it runs smoothly on all browsers and devices. The developers took great care to optimize the game's code so that it works seamlessly on all platforms.

The gameplay of Handless Millionaire is similar to that of popular TV shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but on a more difficult level. Instead of being a typical player, the player has to use their hand to grab the bill through a guillotine, which can be dangerous. In addition to having a limited amount of time to grab the bill, the player must keep an eye on the device's movement.

Category: Action


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