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Straw Hat Samurai 2

If you've played the original Straw Hat Samurai 2, then you know how much fun it was. This sequel features new moves and air-combos, as well as new enemies and bosses. There's also more blood and slashing than ever before. Taking place during the dynasty wars in Japan, the game will test your bravery in order to win back your land.

This new Straw Hat Samurai 2 installment is an HTML5 remake of the original game. The game is an action-packed game with a Japanese theme. You'll be wielding a bow and sword to attack your enemies. If you're feeling brave and want to prove yourself, you'll want to check out the demo version. There's no cost to try it, so it's a great way to spend a few minutes without having to install a thing on your computer.

This HTML5 game offers many features that make it a popular title. Players can choose from a variety of characters and play them at their own pace. The combat system allows the player to use the bow and sword in different combinations and create a powerful attack. As a result, you can use the sword to hit your opponents and make them suffer. This is one of the best games in this genre, and one of the most accessible, as it doesn't require any installation.

Category: Action,Fighting


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