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Short Life 2

In Short Life 2, you play as a daredevil who is on a mission to survive in a world full of peril and danger. You must navigate the levels, avoiding dangerous objects and scenarios. To move around the levels, you must press the left and right arrow keys. Pressing the down arrow will let you crouch. To move up, use the UP arrow. To jump, use the DOWN arrow.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed short game has many features of its predecessor. This game's physics are more realistic, the death animations are more gruesome, and the difficulty is brutal. The levels are more difficult and less forgiving than the original, and traps are everywhere. The gameplay in this title is similar to the first one, but features more adversity. The levels themselves are short, and you need to be quick to complete them.

This 2D ragdoll platform game Short Life 2 is similar to its predecessor. The player has to traverse 20 different parkour levels to progress to the next level. Moreover, the obstacle placements are more challenging than the original, which can lead to an unfortunate death or injury. In order to complete each level, you must avoid obstacles that are placed in your path. During your journey, you can also use your wounds to make yourself more vulnerable.

Category: Action


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