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Bob the Robber 5

In Bob the Robber 5, you are once again a masked thief, searching for golden coins and treasures in a pyramid. You must navigate the dungeons and avoid mummy guards while looking for the coveted coins. The arrow keys are your friends as you guide Bob around the maze and interact with the world around you. The up arrow key helps you interact with the surrounding area. The up arrow key can be used to unlock doors that you might have missed in the past.

Bob the Robber 5
Bob the Robber 5

Another exciting new adventure awaits you in Bob the Robber 5. This time, he's heading into a temple to find the most valuable jewel in the World. To survive in this maze, you'll have to stay hidden and knock guards to remain undetected. You'll also have to watch out for strange statues and mummies. It's a real puzzle, and it will test your physical and brain skills.

Temple Adventure: In this adventure, you'll need to rob a temple, while avoiding guards and mummies. In order to stay undetected, you'll have to sneak up on guards and mummies, and use the direction arrows to move around and get closer to the treasure. You'll also have to dodge the statues' eyes and avoid getting caught. Whether you're playing Bob the Robber 5 on iOS or Android, you'll need to get your copy to be able to play this game on your phone or tablet.

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