Game Info is a new 2018 physics puzzle arcade game that features battle royale mechanics. The game is created by French studio Voodoo and is currently available for iOS and Android. This review will discuss the differences between the game and its competitors. In addition, we'll briefly discuss how to play If you're new to the genre, we recommend starting out with a free trial.

The basic objective of this Minecraft multiplayer game is to grow into the biggest hole in the city. The objective is to eat all the objects that you can in order to increase your size. During the game, you'll collect things that will turn into points. You can eat trees, people, cars, and even other holes. As you become bigger, you'll be able to eat smaller players and larger objects.

You'll choose a large city in which to play. The objective is to expand your hole as much as possible while consuming as many objects as possible. The game features two game modes: survival mode and battle royal. Despite being a simple, intuitive puzzle, is a fun way to spend your free time. And the game isn't just for kids. You can play this fun multiplayer game with up to four players. is an arcade physics puzzle game that combines several gameplay mechanics. The goal of the game is to become the largest black hole in the city within a two minute round. While you're doing this, you must carefully consider what you're going to eat. If you eat too much, you'll block the path of other holes and your own. If you manage to complete the mission, you'll win!

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