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Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber 2 is the sequel to the popular online game. In this game, the goal is to rob a house while dodging guard dogs and police. Besides, if you get caught, you will lose and will have to start from the beginning. To overcome all of the challenges, you should use stealth skills to complete each level. The controls are easy. Simply press the arrow keys or tap to move the camera around.

Bob the Robber 2
Bob the Robber 2

The game has eleven levels that are filled with different hazards and puzzles. The level structure is also varied, with a few levels being easier than others. Using a lock pick will help you unlock the doors and avoid detection. While the controls are simple, the game can be challenging, so be sure to check the controls carefully. The controls are intuitive and the aim is to steal the objects in each level without being noticed. The level design of Bob the Robber 2 is great for those who love the stealth aspect of the genre.

The game has 10 levels to explore, and the controls are similar to the original. In the early levels, you can sneak past security cameras and other security systems. Using a lock pick, you can open doors, and even deal with guards using a bat. The game also includes different targets for each level, which will keep you busy for a while. This strategy-based platform game is perfect for gamers who like action-packed games.

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