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Rabbit Samurai 2

The game play in Rabbit Samurai 2 is unique. It requires players to manipulate their rabbit ball with a grappling hook to traverse a maze. Using your mouse, arrows, or mobile device, players must use their wits to reach their goal in the most efficient way. While it might seem easy, the controls are not. In order to master this unique game mechanic, it is essential to master the basics.

The objective of this fun game is to rescue your friends from dangerous traps and obstacles and collect diamonds. To advance to the next level, you must avoid deadly traps and obstacles. If you die, you must start the level over. But you need not worry. There are plenty of ways to complete each level, including a rope or a hook. If you're new to the rabbit series, there are no learning curves. You can play this game on any browser.

This exciting Rabbit Samurai 2 game features a unique gameplay style that will make you feel like a real samurai. The player takes on the role of a rabbit in a series of challenging levels. They must save their friends from deadly traps and collect carrots and diamonds. In order to advance, they must complete all of the stages and collect all the diamonds. As with the previous game, this game supports all browsers, including Internet Explorer. play at

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