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Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin is a first-person shooting game that tests your cunning and accuracy. As the titular Assassin, you'll get different targets to assassinate, and you'll have to use your best skills to time your shots perfectly and finish them. There's no room for amateur aces here, so be sure to use a good sniper rifle if you're looking to play the game.

Tactical Assassin has decent graphics and a simple story, but it lacks depth, customization, and even a looping music track. Still, at $1.99, it's a solid purchase. While it's not a true shooter, if you're nostalgic for the genre, you'll probably enjoy it. However, if you're looking for a real shooter experience, look elsewhere.

Tactical Assassin is based on the popular Flash series, and shares DNA with the popular Clear Vision series. There's no real story, and you're a nameless, stick-figure sniper taking orders and trying to eliminate your targets before others can call for help. The game has 18 missions, many of which last just a few seconds, so you have to be quick to fire. If you're tired of taking cover and playing as a sniper, try clearing out the cache and data on your device and then restart the game.

In the US, Tactical Assassin 2 has a high download rank. You can track every hour of every day, in different countries, categories, and devices. You can see how it's performing against competitors in the same market. It also tracks its position and feedback from users in real time. You can slice the data by country, date range, or anything else that makes you the best sniper in the world. It's not hard to become the best at Tactical Assassin.

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