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Freddy Run 3

In the latest game from the developer of the horror-themed video games, Freddy Run 3, the fearsome and frightful maniac needs your help to escape the terrifying castle. A new storyline and exciting challenges await you as you explore the halls and rooms of the medieval castle and overcome dangerous challenges to reach the Skeleton King. Once you've completed the eight levels, you'll have the chance to challenge the Skeleton King and complete the game!

In the game, you play as the young Freddy who got trapped in a haunted medieval castle. In order to survive, he needs your help to escape the castle. To escape, you'll need to solve dangerous challenges and run through the dangerous hallways and rooms of the castle, avoiding deadly traps. Finally, you'll have to confront the dreaded Skeleton King to complete all levels.

In Freddy Run 3 you'll have to escape the castle and make it back to normal life. The controls are simple; simply use the arrow keys to move from one level to the next, or the mouse to crouch. When you run, you'll need to dodge scorpions and attack evil skeletons with fireballs. The game has a life limit of three, which is enough to complete all levels.

Category: Adventure


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