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The planets in PlanetUp are surrounded by a galaxy of asteroid-spewing danger. To survive, you must pilot your planet through space, collect upgrades, and unlock all 90 worlds. If you think you have what it takes to become a starship captain, read on. This game will make you feel like a hero. And you can even earn real money playing this space-themed game! However, you must be careful! Some of the levels are incredibly challenging, and you must keep up with them in order to win.

The game features a variety of interactive activities that will have you exploring the solar system to its full potential. The game will teach you how to predict the weather and how to navigate through it, as well as give you an understanding of what planets you'll encounter in the future. It's available in a variety of languages, and even has a 'tech stack', which will teach you all about space travel. If you have a passion for astronomy, PlanetUp will help you make a career in it.

As you can see, there's no shortage of space games to play in this competition. The finalists come from a variety of backgrounds, including OCAD U Digital Futures students. Pitfall Planet is a puzzle game that challenges you to return two robot astronauts to their home planet. It was designed by Emma Burkeitt, David Czarnowski, and Guy Torsher, and has been selected to compete in this year's Space Week.

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