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Labo 3D Maze

Labo 3D Maze is an entertaining puzzle game for Android. It offers five different characters, 24 levels, and environmental hazards. The main objective is to collect keys and unlock doors to advance to the next level. You can track your progress over time by seeing how many times you've played the game. To track how much you've spent on the game, you can explore it by version or country. You can even see how many people have likes.

As with many other similar games, the labo 3D Maze is a challenging and fun puzzle game. It is played in 3D. Players control an avatar that moves around the maze, and must collect keys to find the exit. The maze is filled with spikes, pits, and lasers, and requires you to interact with various objects to get through it. If you want to experience a unique experience, you can purchase a Labo X-Ray, which will allow you to view the maze from a different perspective.

Labo 3D Maze is a puzzle adventure game featuring five different characters. Your goal is to find keys to escape the maze and collect gold stars. You can earn money by completing achievements in the game. Alternatively, you can play similar games by Yup7 Games, including 'Peggle'. If you like the sound of a puzzle game, try it out for free.

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