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Raft Wars

In Raft Wars, you must protect your treasure chest from pirates. To do this, you will need to shoot tennis balls. After you've collected a certain number of tennis balls, you can upgrade your raft and its ammo. However, be careful not to get hit if you're not armed properly. In addition, be careful not to get knocked out of the raft by your enemies.

This is an interesting turn-based shooting game. You play as Simon, a deuteragonist who finds gold on a beach. He is attacked by several enemies who all want the gold. To survive, you must defeat the enemies and win the game. This is similar to Fleabag vs Mutt. You must destroy all of the enemy ships and take away their health. The level of this game is very short and you can stop playing any time.

The gameplay of Raft Wars 2 is similar to that of Angry Birds. You must aim your weapons and account for their power and shooting arc. To make the game more interesting, you can purchase upgrades at the end of each level. These upgrades will help you defeat pirates faster and keep your treasure safe. The game is developed by Martijn Kunst. There are several levels and hundreds of weapons to unlock. This game is not suitable for kids under the age of 12.

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