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The TU-95 was a Russian aircraft. It was a four-engined strategic bomber and maritime patrol plane. The aircraft had eight TV-2F engines and a reduction gearbox in four tandem pairs. The most striking feature of the aircraft was its gigantic unicorn-like refueling probe, which refuels the plane in between missions. The was designed by N.I. Bazenkov, who was the chief designer of all subsequent versions of the TU-95. When Bazenkov died, N.V. Kursanov took over, and D.A. Antonov took over the program in the 1980s.

The is available in various versions, and has an impressive track record. The first two prototypes were the Tu-95/1 and Tu-95/2. The main variant of the TU-95 unblocked, the 'Bear-A,' was developed as a long-range strategic heavy bomber. The second prototype of the TU-95, the corresponding, was developed to modernize the Tu-95K aircraft. The M-55 is a missile carrier, and the new TU-95MS ("Bear-H") was built with the Raduga Kh-55 cruise missile.

The is capable of a range of missions, including reconnaissance and surveillance. As a combat aircraft, it has two conventional and one nuclear Kh-55 missiles. These armaments are very effective and can reach up to three thousand kilometers. They can also be used for close-range operations. A number of variants were developed in order to achieve these objectives, which was crucial to the Tu-95's success. The first aircraft, the BK-2, entered production in 1950 and operated until 1955.

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