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Coaster Racer 2

In the second installment of the Coaster Racer 2 series, players can select from a selection of vehicles. These include cars and bikes, and players can upgrade them as they race. Depending on the finish position, players can upgrade their car or bike's acceleration, brakes, tires, and nitro. The game also allows players to race against others. The game is recommended for players who like to challenge other players and earn cash along the way.

If you enjoyed the first game, you'll likely enjoy the sequel. In addition to the classic coaster design, Coaster Racer 2 also includes new features like challenge races and nitro. The game's controls are largely the same as the first, with the exception of the keyboard's direction. As in the previous game, you will be using the arrow keys to move the bike around. The graphics are also similar to the first.

Those who love racing games will want to check out Coaster Racer 2. With many levels and a variety of vehicles to compete against, the game will keep you interested and entertained. There are a number of different modes and events available for players to enjoy, including a nitro boost and a number of different racing vehicles. The game's multiplayer features are also a great addition to the game. You can compete against other players online or locally to see which coaster has the most boost.

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